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Krinvanto Vishvam Aryam
Make This World Noble


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The following Ten Principles of Arya Samaj are universal in nature and represent the basic concepts of good citizenship and moral and ethical conduct. These principles are straightforward, liberal and cosmopolitan and can be followed by individuals of any faith.

1.  God is the origin and fountainhead of all the truth and material knowledge prevalent in this world.

2.         God is truth-being-and-bliss (Satchidanand), formless, all powerful, just, merciful, birthless, infinite, without a beginning, incomparable, basis for everything, spread everywhere, all knowing, deathless, diseaseless, fearless, sacred, and creator of the Universe. Our devotion and worship is due only to him.

3. The Vedas are the books of all true knowledge. To read and understand the Veda is the supreme duty of all the Aryas.

4.One should always be ready to accept the truth and reject untruth

5. One should always act according to Dharma, that is, after deliberating over the truth or untruth of an act
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6.The aim of Arya Samaj is to work for the well being of the whole world: physical, spiritual and social.
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7. One should treat everybody with love, respect and dharma (i.e., conduct consistent with moral and ethical values based upon Vedic principles and with full knowledge of differentiation between right and wrong).

8. One should work, through education, for the spread of knowledge (Vidya) and for the eradication of ignorance (Avidya).

9. One should not be satisfied with one's own progress but should consider progress of others as his own.  

Individually, one is free to follow norms which are beneficial to him or her. As a member of the society, one is bound by norms of social and universal good.  

For source of books visit: www.vedicbooks.com



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